February 2023

Yes I am still here. I know it has been a while almost a year to be exact. It has been a busy year with lots of arty things happening!

Today I wanted to write about mixing paints. I find mixing paints very therapeutic. It is something I don’t do often enough but when I get really stuck with my work, where I just want to put paintings in the bin, I take a step back and organise my paints, work on my kitchen table and see where it takes me. It just feels less overwhelming and you don’t need a lot of space and tools and once you are in the zone everything around you fades away. There are so many tones and values you can create, it is infinite. It gives you real breathing space away from your work and at the same time you are still connected to your work.
Although I find it very therapeutic it is also very informative. So much has been written about colour and people have different opinions like for instance I find ultra-marine blue a cold colour and prussian blue a warm colour, some people see it the other way around. We all see things differently but what I have learned over time is that you have to experiment with colour and decide what you like. I am a very visual person, I have to see it rather than reading about it.
Listen to what other people say but do your own thing and see what happens.

Happy colouring!

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