July 2021

I have been a bit absent with my writing but lots going on with creating paintings (for a little show in the autumn here in Glasgow- nothing fancy – watch this space) and participating in art courses but also running them and finally being able to travel home to Belgium. 

Yes I still call Belgium home although I have lived in Scotland for thirty-five years now.  Do you ever not call your birth country ‘home’.  I did live there for over twenty years after all.  It was great seeing my parents, all a bit emotional as it had been a while as we all know.  I will try and describe to you what being home feels like so bear with me. For me home is a feeling of being held by your surroundings, your culture, the air, the sea (as from a coastal town), when I walk the streets of Ostend, I look at the shops where some close over lunch which I find comforting, it reminds me of going home every lunch hour when I was at secondary school, where my mum would have a hot meal ready.  Sorry it is taking me down memory lane!  And then there is the language, no one speaks Flemish anywhere in the world, yes Dutch but not Flemish! I haven’t even mentioned the people, people that matter to me.  I suppose I am trying to say that it is not always just about people, it is about places too.   

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October 2021

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