March 2021

My first ever blog, hopefully the start of many!

‘My Woman Cave’ – I wanted to write about my studio today, a very important place for me.  Four years ago I moved in to my studio and it has been a game changer for my art and myself as a person.  Having the space away from home has made me focus more but also a feeling of being grateful to have that space and of what I have in my life! It is a creative space, a space I can experiment with materials but it is also a space for thoughts and feelings.  Art is so very therapeutic and meaningful and in the last wee while I am bringing myself onto the canvas more and more, almost a sense there is so much more to come!

My inspiration for my work is mostly from my studio surroundings, very industrial, hard edges, hard metals, colour, shape, texture, all the things I love to use in my paintings!  And some chaos thrown into the mix.  Things I love in abstract paintings.

The studio building itself is a hub of creativity, makers of Spanish guitars, music, visual art, framing, puppet making to name but a few.

It is truly a place of creativity, the arts (visual and performance) and engineering based on the Clyde side.

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