October 2021

This month has been a very busy month with the preparation of my two person pop up show together with Elisabeth Grant here in Glasgow.  Organising a show is very demanding not in just creating the work but preparing the space and of course the very important marketing.  People think it is easy creating a few paintings and then selling.  For me it is certainly a roller coaster ride of emotions, have I done enough, should I have done it differently, continuously asking/assessing what is next.  And then of course the dreaded question will people like my work.  It is suppose to get easier the more you do it but I am not sure.  I suppose I feel I put my vulnerability on the line and will people walk all over it or will they shower me with rose petals and that will only become clear on the opening night.  I have to say this opening night was definitely rose petals!  Opening night was amazing for both of us even the final few days were amazing, people were so interested in our work and I am forever grateful!

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